Boragó in Chile’s capital in top ten best restaurants in Lat Am

Prestigious list The World’s 50 Best Restaurants launched its Latin American edition in September, and innovative Chilean eatery Boragó takes 8th place.


They’ve voted and the results are in — an expert panel of international chefs, restaurateurs, gourmands and restaurant critics have named groundbreaking Chilean cuisine specialist Boragó one of the best restaurants on the continent.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants — one of the most distinguished rankings in the food industry — published its inaugural Latin America Top 50 list on September 4th, and ranked Rodolfo Guzman’s Santiago-based restaraunt at number eight.

Boragó is self-styled as a “dialogue between nature and cuisine,” The restaurant’s ingredients are firmly planted in Chile’s indigenous gastronomy and they are served with the kind of culinary innovation that places the restaurant at the forefront of cutting-edge Latin American cooking.

The Boragó team forage through the wilderness outside of Santiago, plucking endemic herbs, flowers and vegetables from the land. Then, in the kitchen, these ingredients are transformed into artwork. Chilean pears are not served on a plate, but on the branches of a bonsai tree and native roots are combined with basil and served in a colorful moon-like crescent.

Several times a year the team head on expeditions to collect ingredients from the country’s southern wilderness. Curanto — a shellfish dish native to Chile’s mystical Chiloé Archipelago — is cooked with rainwater collected from Patagonia.

“[Boragó] is about our roots, our culture, and most importantly the earth,” Guzman told This is Chile.

Having trained under chef Andoni Luis Aduriz at Spanish restaurant Mugaritz, Guzman felt the pull of his homeland, and in 2007 returned to Chile to found the restaurant. Since then, Boragó has attracted the attention of world-renowned publications, from Saveur to The Atlantic. The restaurant’s inclusion on the 50 Best list adds to a reputation that has only gone from strength to strength.

Boragó is located in Vitacura on Av. Nueva Costanera, 3467. Make a reservation on the restaurant’s website or call +56 (2) 953 8893.