Boutique hotels: sharing Chile’s history and hospitality

Breathing new life into historic homes and estates, the latest trend in travel brings visitors a little closer to the real Chile.

Although the top Chilean destinations boast award-winning luxury hotels, a new wave of boutique hotels are now offering a different, unique way to visit the country.

Set in refurbished old homes and beautiful estates, these smaller ventures provide a window into chile’s rich history as well as access to less beaten paths, all while providing high quality and personalized service.

“The concept of a boutique hotel is born from two things: the restoration of historic properties which are subsequently transformed into hotels, and a desire to provide a high level and personalized service to customers,” Daniel Pardo, director of Chile’s national tourism service Sernatur, told Efe.

These hidden gems can be found across the length of Chile, from San Pedro de Atacama, to the colorful coastal city of Valparaíso, even as far south as the famed Torres del Paine national park. They are also tucked away in Chile’s wonderful wine valleys, ideal for a countryside getaway.

One such boutique hotel is the Residencia Historica in Colchagua valley, two hours outside of the capital. Set in a renovated old abandoned Hacienda, owners Silvio Castelli and Vivien Jones hoped to preserve the essence of the grand family home set in traditional “huaso” or Chilean horseman country.

“Our dream was to renovate this historic hacienda into a beautiful inn — to bring its original glory back but also to share the beauty of Chile with the world,” Silvio Castelli told Wolfe News.

“This is a great place to come to see the real Chile — not only the wine country but also the beautiful beaches of the Pacific coast and the history of the Huaso culture as well. It’s all here.”

The unique setting and personalized service is not reserved just for Chile’s more exotic or rural locations, it can also be found right in the heart of the city.

For instance, the Lastarria Boutique Hotel, whose walls were once a luxurious home built in 1927, sits in one of Santiago’s hippest neighborhoods surrounded by wine bars and picturesque cafes. The Aubrey’s converted mansion dates back to the same year and is located in Providencia and the restoration of the building focused on maintaining the old Mission-style design and its unique rich character.

The number of top boutique hotels in Chile is growing every year as the country becomes a sought out destination for culture, wine, and of course its unbeatable landscapes.