Brazil opens its sea ports to Chilean fruit

The Chilean Minister of Agriculture, José Antonio Galilea, confirmed that Chilean fruit can now enter the Brazilian market via ocean freight.


After efforts made by different Chilean ministries including the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, José Antonio Galilea, announced that Brazil issued its authorization for Chilean fruit to enter the country through its ports on the Atlantic Ocean, including Santos, the largest port in Latin America.

In this way, Chilean exporters will no longer face restrictions when transporting fruit to Brazil, which previously could only enter the country by land. This mechanism involved greater cost and complexity because of the distance between the two countries.

Thus, with the new decree issued by the Plant Sanitation Department of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, the country will now offer 45 points of entry to receive fruit from Chile in comparison with the previous 7.

The initiative makes it possible to open new markets for the development of foreign trade, affords greater commercial flexibility and a higher level of competitiveness for this industry, because of the greater savings it entails.