Bulgarian women win trip-of-a-lifetime to Chile

After winning the ChileQuiz online competition, Cristina Todorova toured Easter Island and sampled wines in the capital Santiago, in an all expense paid trip.

Cristina Todorova was overcome with emotion after witnessing firsthand the beauty of Easter Island.

“We are in love with Easter Island, it’s like a dream for us to visit this beautiful place,” says Todorova, who was accompanied on her trip by her mother, Mara Yeniva. “Everything about it – the people, the landscape, the ocean, its traditions; we are yet to fully process all the emotions we have about visiting this place.”

Todorova, from Bulgaria, is the winner of this year’s ChileQuiz, which tested participants’ knowledge of Chile with over 800 questions in areas as diverse as history, geography, gastronomy, arts and sports. The competition was designed to boost awareness of Chile overseas, with the winner also offered the chance to visit popular tourist destinations in Chile.

Last year’s inaugural winner, Xiaohang Feng of China, travelled through Easter Island, San Pedro de Atacama and Santiago.

Meanwhile, for Todorova, winning the competition gave her the opportunity to achieve a life-long goal.

“I was hoping to win, I really wanted to come to Chile,” she told ThisisChile. “This trip was also a gift for my mother and it is the most distant place she has ever been. She loved the trip too, the island, the wineries.”

Mother and daughter visited Chile this month, and took the opportunity to visit the Pacific island, as well as sampling wines in the capital, Santiago, in a week-long, all expenses paid trip from August 2-9.

“The El Cuadro winery was an amazing experience, it was the most beautiful winery we have ever seen. We have wines in Bulgaria but there were some varieties here in Chile that are not produced in our country. At Concha y Toro winery – also a brilliant winery, with a rich history – we tried carmenere for the first time and we liked it very much; also sauvignon blanc.”

And the highlight of her trip?

“On Easter Island, when you stand on the top of the hills and look at the ocean and see how nature is all connected – I love this moment in particular. We would love to return to Easter Island someday to stay for a longer period.

“I really appreciate this opportunity and thank Fundación Imagen de Chile for giving us the chance to come here,” she said.

A big thank you should also go out to all the sponsors that made this trip possible: Aku Aku, the tour agency on Easter Island , Agencia de viajes Macrotour, who took Kristina around on the mainland, Hotel Neruda and Hotel Marina Las Condes, both in Santiago for providing top class , the beautiful Estancia El Cuadro in the Casablanca Valley and Assist Card, who was there for Kristina for the whole trip .