Business entrepreneurship in Chile grows 10.1% in 12 months

The number reveals Chileans’ increased confidence and their belief that the financial crisis is in full retreat.


Business registrations grew by 10.1% in Chile during the month of November compared to the same period last year, as revealed by the Business Entrepreneurship Index (IEE) that is elaborated by the Universidad Mayor Business Management Research Center (CIGE). The study highlights the increase in the number of businesses opened, which is the product of Chileans’ increased confidence in economic reactivation.

In general the IEE presented a positive monthly variation of 0.7%, making it the third consecutive month in which the index showed positive growth and revealing that the consequences of the economic crisis in Chile are already becoming a matter of the past.

Thus, the indicator on Internet domain name registrations, the IEES, increased by a monthly variation of 1.1% and 3.6% compared to the same date last year.

But rising entrepreneurship is not just explained by the economic recovery, but also by the country’s current economic stability, which has allowed Chileans to stand out in terms of innovation and the development of new businesses.

According to CIGE director María Cristina Betancourt, these positive results reflect Chileans’ capacity for creativity and entrepreneurship. “Chile has creativity and entrepreneurship traits that are similar to those of more developed nations, such as for example the high levels of pride in their nationality, which is an indicator of greater identity and facilitates the acceptance of new ideas,” the academic highlights.

It should be noted that the measurement analyzes the variables that reveal whether entrepreneurship in Chile is falling, rising, or stable in a national and international context.