Buying a home in Chile

If the stay is to be a long or permanent one, the best thing is to consider buying a house or an apartment.


There are no impediments to buying a house, apartment, or plot of land in Chile. You just have to get in contact with a seller and make the transaction. Chile has an active real estate industry, with a competitive market that is constantly informing of what it has to offer. Those interested must pay attention to buy and choose what is most convenient to them.

Useful links follow below (in Spanish):

Diario El Mercurio
– Oferta Inmobiliaria
– Mundo Inmobiliario
– Cámara Nacional de Servicios Inmobiliarios
– Coproch
– Corredores Integrados
– Pro Casa
– Portal Inmobiliario

Those wanting to apply to the Housing Ministry’s housing programs must fulfill the requirements specified in its website. (in Spanish)

The different types of subsidies that are included in the Housing Ministry’s programs are distributed according to different per capita or family income levels. The Chilean Housing Services’ website (in Spanish) contains detailed information. The diverse possibilities also include buying a property through the housing leasing system, which includes a subsidy for rent-to-buy contracts.