Canada offers 100 scholarships to Chilean students and scholars

Academics will travel north as part of an ongoing exchange between Chile and Canada which encourages cultural understanding and the study of emerging fields of interest across international boundaries.


This year, one hundred Chilean students and academics will head north to broaden their educational horizons at Canada’s outstanding institutions of higher learning. Programs like the Canada-Chile Leadership Exchange Program and the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program amongst others are funding the exchange.

At the event, where the scholarships were presented along with certificates to winning recipients, Canada’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs said, “through academic programs and exchanges, we learn together, from one another. We share expertise and experience. And we build the knowledge and the networks that foster innovation and promote progress.”

In addition to this year’s one hundred scholarship recipients, 60 guests from the Chilean government, institutions of higher learning and nongovernmental organizations attended the presentation event to show their support for this inter-American cultural and intellectual exchange. Four of the honored guests were former exchange participants who described their experiences living and studying in Canadian universities.

The past year’s exchanges between Chile and Canada have also involved 11 Canadian experts in diverse fields working with Chilean nongovernment organizations with the Understanding Canada Program, which, according to its mission statement, “fosters a greater knowledge and understanding of Canada, its values and its culture among scholars and other influential groups abroad.”

Participants in Chile were involved in discussions in diverse fields of interest in which Canada and Chile hope to cooperate in the future. These included cancer research, sustainable development and immigration policy.

The event and continued success of academic exchanges that it celebrated are a testament to the growing relationship between Chile and Canada, connecting the northern and southern extremes of the Americas in a productive exchange of ideas, cultures and talent.