Cannes 2015: Chilean Films were Awarded in the International Film Festival

Films such as the short film “Locas Perdidas” or the Chilean Colombian co-production “La tierra y la sombra” were awarded.


The Cannes Festival, which took place from May 13th to 24th in its 68th version, had different Chilean films shown on its screens. They were applauded, and also some were awarded.

The documentary “Allende mi abuelo Allende”, directed by Marcia Tambutti and produced by Paola Castillo won the L’Oeil d’or (The Golden Eye) award for best documentary. This is the first time this category is included, due to the growing presence of this genre in different festivals in the film network.

In addition to this award, the short film “Locas Perdidas”, directed by Ignacio Juricic and produced by Mariana Tejos, received the second place award in its category. It also received the QueerPalm 2015 award for addressing LGBT issues. Furthermore, the Chilean Colombian co-production, “La tierra y la sombra”, directed by César Acevedo and co-produced by Chilean Giancarlo Nasi, was awarded three times: the SACD award, granted by the authors’ society, the France 4 Visionary Award, or the revelation award, and the Le Grand Rail D’Or award, granted by the audiences.

The music field was also awarded; Chilean musician Nicolás Jaar received an award for his musicalization work for the movie “Dhepaan” from French director Jacques Audiard.