Why Study in Chile?

Chile has several educational advantages. Educational alternatives, academic prestige, connectivity, friendly people, active social and cultural life, and a wide range of tourist options. Chile is a country with a fine literary tradition, two Nobel Prize for Literature laureates, authors whose works have translated and published all over the world.

The world has also appreciated the work of filmmaker Raúl Ruiz, work by the painter Roberto Matta and the fine musical interpretations of pianist Claudio Arrau.

Culture and the performing arts come together with the chance to travel and visit breathtaking locations. You can go straight from a morning at the ski slopes to an afternoon of surfing in Chile. Easter Island, the Atacama desert and Patagonia also enthrall and amaze visitors.


To the letter

A tradition that creates new spaces of expression, forms new literary outcroppings and improves foreigners’ Spanish.


Technical Colleges

These only offer technical careers, which normally last for two years and lead to a technical degree. All technical colleges are privately owned and are supervised by the Ministry of Education. There are more than 2000 alternatives of programs and techinical colleges and you can find them everywhere in Chile. In a CFT (Centro de Formación Técnica) […]