Coastal Atacama – El Morro

15 km south of the port of Caldera, this is an interesting alternative for appreciating the unique ecosystem of the coastal desert, adjacent to the only protected marine area in northern Chile with grand landscapes.


Atacama Desert Oasis – San Pedro, Chiu Chiu – Lasana

An invitation to travel through historic Atacama, observing the geological marks that have formed the landscape that is nourished by the remains of 11,000 years of human occupation, from prehistoric groups of hunter-gatherers to their current descendents.


City of Cartagena

The Cartagena Heritage Route invites you to get to know this interesting resort city and walk around its streets that climb hills and skirt ravines that finally lead to the sea and the beautiful, wide beaches that are typical of the central Chilean coastline.


Azapa Valley, Slave Route

This is an attractive, ethnotourism circuit that acquaints visitors with the customs and traditions of the African slaves who arrived in South America, many of whom settled for centuries in the Azapa Valley and its environs.


Atacama Coast Caldera – Chañaral

This route follows the Atacama coast, with its beautiful beaches and unusual rock formations, such as Spherical Granite, a rare geological formation found only in this part of Chile and in parts of Australia and Japan.


Huasco’s Salar – Collacagua

This route takes you to up to a setting of the high plateaus, 3,700 m above sea level, to walk around, and get to know and admire the landscape of the Andean high mesa, where nature maintains a dynamic balance.