Landscapes of the High Andean Plateau – Maule Lake

This route invites you to venture up into the high mountains, hike around, observe and admire the unique environment of the landscapes carved out by earthquakes, volcanoes and glaciers. A great opportunity to discover the diverse views to be enjoyed from the high mountains.


Lakes of Araucanía – Lican-Ray Peninsula

This ecotourism circuit invites you to venture into an area of lakes where you will observe landscapes and geological features formed during the last glaciation and sculpted by volcanic activity and the climate.


Valdivian Forest – Llancahue

In this area of land located less than 1 km from the city limits of Valdivia and declared a Protected Zone for Conservation and sustainable development, visitors can observe innumerable tree species that are native to the Valdivian temperate rainy forests.


From the Cordillera to the Sea – Route to Atacama

This Route starts and ends in the city of Copiapó. It is one of the best routes northern Chile has to offer, a unique opportunity to retrace the steps and contributions of the explorers and miners of these expanses of Atacama’s uninhabited coastline and mountain ranges.

Derrotero de Atacama

Coastal desert – Mouth of the Loa River

The mouth of the Loa River offers an extraordinary opportunity to get to know the environmental, archeological, and historic wealth of the area around this large wetland formed by the waters of the only river in the country’s northern desert as it empties into the sea.