Chiloe: the island of legends

Prior to visiting this land it is a must to become familiar with the stories that surround its inhabitants with magic.

El Caleuche

7 incredible natural wonders to explore in Chile’s Atacama desert

Lush, green, and fertile are words that generally come to mind when we think of the world’s most beautiful places, but it’s amazing how much natural beauty can be found in the scorching, arid environment of the world’s deserts. Spanning through four South American countries – Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina – the Atacama desert is the driest non-polar desert in the world, and one of the most picturesque landscapes I’ve ever seen.

Llamas graze in lush wetlands - a stark contrast from the geothermal fields of El Tatio geysers despite it's close proximity down the road. All Photos: Lori Sorrentino.

Santiago for kids

Roller coasters, interactive science and contact with animals are some of the activities that the Chilean capital offers tourists with children.

Santiago para niños