Celebrity chef promotes Chilean olive oil from the United States

TV cooking star Todd English lauds the product’s health benefits and unparalleled taste, on PBS television show. 

The acclaimed U.S. chef Todd English is working with Chile Oliva, the Chilean Association of Growers and Producers of Olives and Olive Oil, to support one of Chile’s fastest growing exports—the acclaimed olive oil.
English is a celebrity chef, restaurant owner, author, entrepreneur, and television personality based in Boston, United States, best known for his restaurant, Olives, located in both Boston and Las Vegas.
He also has a TV cooking show called Food Trip with Todd English, on PBS.
«I only use the finest ingredients in my cooking and olive oil is used in many of my signature dishes,» English told Market Watch. «I want to teach everyday cooks and gourmets how to use fresh, flavorful, high quality olive oil, like the extra virgins of Chile, a country that is producing some of the freshest fruit and food today.»
Over 90% of the olive oil produced in Chile is extra virgin, one of the highest ratios of extra virgin production among the olive oil producing regions in the world. Exports have soared in the past years, and continue to do so as more take notice of the quality of the product.
Chef English will appear on www.ChileOliveOil.com and its Facebook page in recipe videos that illustrate the topic of the campaign, «How Virgin is Your Extra Virgin?» He will also publish a series of original cooking tips.
English will be hosting a number of media dinners at the reopening of his Olives restaurants, which will emphasize the unique qualities Chile’s olive oil.
«We are proud to partner with the highly esteemed Chef Todd English,» Arturo Leiva, President of Chile Oliva, told Market Watch. «His use of olive oil in his signature cuisine featured at his restaurants and in his cookbooks makes him a great partner to highlight one of Chile’s quality exports.»
In addition to viewing Chef English’s recipes, you can also find tools such as a geolocation retail locator, contests and industry news at ChileOliveOil.com, twitter.com/ChileOliveOil and on facebook.com/ChileOliveOil.