Chile 1 Más 1 offers all-expense paid trip to Chile

Competition asks Chileans to recommend an authentic Chilean experience to a foreign friend, with the winning pair given the chance to do actually do it. 

Chileans are being offered the chance to fly a foreign friend to their country and share their favorite local experience, thanks to Chile 1 Más 1 (Chile 1 Plus 1), an online competition put together by the Fundación Imagen de Chile in partnership with
To win the all-expenses paid adventure, all that is required is to head to the competition website and make three recommendations about Chile to a friend from overseas.
“The idea is that the recommendation for the country is not abstract or general, but that it relates to a concrete experience, everyday things that represent our culture, things that you can actually do, from eating a plate of charquicán con huevo frito in a restaurant in La Vega Chica, to a long walk through Cerro Barón in Valparaíso,” said Fundación Imagen de Chile web manager Sebastián Villela.
While the competition is open only to Chileans, Chile 1 Más 1 offers extranjeros an exciting pictorial dictionary about Chile, created by everyday locals.
“Promoting the image of Chile is a collective assignment, in which all Chileans participate,” said Villela. “This is our invitation to Chileans: firstly to collaborate in assembling all the things that define us, and then to share it among our foreign friends through Facebook.”
The winner of the competition will be offered the chance to bring their amigo to Chile to share their personal recommendation, with all costs covered, including transport and accommodation for both parties for a period between three and five days, depending on the chosen experience.
Entries close on January 31, 2013 after which the winner will be randomly selected.
Food, places, people, books, music, customs, flora and fauna, beaches . . . Chile 1 Más 1 offers everyone the chance to take a digital tour of all things Chilean, in addition to the lucking winning pair who’ll get to experience it firsthand.