‘Chile: A Hidden Treasure’ showcases country’s range and depth

A broad range of sculptures, murals and artwork tell some of Chile’s
little known but most important stories, reflecting the diversity of
each of the 15 regions.

Stretching for over 2,500 miles, Chile is home to an impressively diverse range of geographical features, cultures and artistic traditions.

The history and traditions vary dramatically from the northern desert region to the frigid tip of Patagonia in the south. So what does it mean to be Chilean?

That’s exactly what a new exhibit at the Universidad San Sebastián (USS) is trying to portray. Entitled, “Chile: Un Tesoro Escondido” (Chile: A Hidden Treasure), it brings together more than 60 pieces from all over the country in a bid to portray the best of what Chile has to offer.

Organized by the university’s outreach and admissions department, the display has been divided into different sections providing an accessible overview of Chile’s rich heritage and natural beauty.

One of the major exhibits is a space that explores the country region by region, revealing the different stories that help to shape national identity.

A large mural nearby is devoted to the picturesque and emblematic Andes, again reflecting the changing landscapes and climates found throughout the length of the country.

“It invites [visitors] to travel the geographic and cultural pathways of Chile while showing the diversity of its 15 regions,” said exhibition manager Claudia Carmona.

The exhibit also has a a sculpture, made from Chilean willow, that contains 200 cards outlining the depth and intricacies of local idioms and slang and, in the process, explaining why it can be so difficult for foreigners to understand their Chilean friends.

Finishing off the exhibit is a series of 15 hanging fabrics, each about 4ft high, portraying images of Chile’s most important national myths.

The free exhibit runs until January 31 and is located on the fourth floor of USS’s Santiago campus in the lively Bellavista district (on the corner of Pio Nono and Bellavista, near Metro Baquedano).

Opening hours are from 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday, and from 8:30am-4pm on weekends.