Chile a top place to study Spanish, says Language Magazine

The popular U.S. based language studies review cites the country’s literary tradition, leading universities, economic stability and natural landscapes.  

Language Magazine (LM), one of the world’s leading language education periodicals, recently published an article naming Chile and Colombia two of the best destinations in the world to study Spanish.
Why Chile? Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, the article begins with what we at have always known: there is something for everyone in the breathtaking and diverse landscapes of Chile.
“This famous 2009-mile strip of land, sandwiched by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Andes to the east, offers geographic diversity rivaled by few other nations,” says the article, and with the windswept archipelagos and fjords of southern Patagonia to the arid lunar landscapes of the Atacama desert in the north, it’s a proposition that’s hard to argue with.
But although these far-flung points of the country may call “students who love extremes,” it is the cities of the central regions that most of them will inevitably settle, with the “jaw-dropping beaches, hazy wine regions and cultural wealth” of student hub Concepción, bohemian Valparaíso, sunny Viña del Mar or the buzzing metropolis of Santiago.
Like all self-respecting exchange and immersion students, it’s only after focusing on travel, adventure and the country’s wining, dining and partying scenes that the article finally gets on to the topic of education. And it’s here that Chile’s strength as a study abroad destination truly comes to the fore.
“Chile also boasts some of the best universities in Latin America,” says LM, drawing on a recent study by QS World University Rankings which lists Santiago as the third-best Latin American city for studying abroad, boasting some of the region’s best universities, including Pontificia Universidad Católica at 2nd place, and Universidad de Chile at 4th.
LM further expounds the diverse range of educational programs with “wide international networks” that are offered in Chile’s universities.
Add to the mix the security and opportunity offered by country’s “secure and stable political, economic and social environment” and its rich literary tradition from which to learn the language, and you can see why Chile is one of the most popular destinations to learn Spanish.