Chile achieved a historical participation in the Parapanamerican Games of Toronto 2015

The national delegation won 12 medals, tripling those obtained in Guadalajara 2011, and finished ninth in the Medal tally.

Delegación chilena Parapanamericanos Toronto 2015
La Nacion

On Saturday, August 15th, the fifth version of the Toronto 2015 Parapanamerican Games ended, a contest where 58 Chilean athletes and sportsmen participated. This delegation marked an attendance record for this event, which, since 1999, is held in parallel with the Panamerican Games and represents the qualifiers for the Paralympic Games.

The Chilean team won a total of twelve medals; four gold, two silver and six bronze. The most successful discipline was weightlifting, where Jorge Carinao and Juan Garrido obtained the highest distinction in their respective categories. Plus, Cristián Aguirre got second place and Frank Feliu and Camila Campos added two other bronze medals.

We can add two other victories in table tennis, where Matías Pino obtained gold in the individual category, and bronze in the couples category. Also, Tamara Monsalve and Cristián Dettoni both got bronze medals in singles.

The fourth gold medal was accomplished by Margarita Faúndez in the track and field discipline, she won in the 1,500 m. category, followed by the sprinter and champion of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, Cristián Valenzuela, double winner of silver and bronze on the 5,000 m and 1,500 m, respectively.

To sum up the performance, Valenzuela told Agencia Uno that he was «(…) happy, happy for the four gold medals. We wanted to get closer to conventional sports and I think that we achieved that. I want to congratulate all those who competed because behind the results there is so much effort and whether they won a medal or not, I’m leaving Canada knowing that each one of them gave everything they had. So now we have to continue working to keep bringing joys to Chile.»