Chile among 2014’s top 10 most ethical travel destinations

Organization which aims to ‘change the world for the better’ through tourism cites Chile’s natural jewels alongside civil liberties and political freedom.

Chile and Uruguay are among the top 10 places to go in 2014 for those who want to make the world a better place — and have an amazing time doing it.

The South American neighbors were recently selected by the U.S.-based non-profit Ethical Traveler, which listed 10 countries in the developing world engaged in “creating a lively, community-based tourism industry” while also doing the “most impressive job” promoting human rights, preserving the environment and supporting social and animal welfare.

The most ethical tourist destinations for the coming year chosen by the volunteer organization include The Bahamas, Barbados, Cape Verde, Chile, Dominica, Latvia, Lithuania, Mauritius, Palau and Uruguay.

Chile made it onto the list thanks to what the U.N. Human Development Report describes as “substantial progress,” in its commitment to renewable energy, recent laws against hate crime, sustainable small farming and because it received the highest possible marks from Freedom House in the categories of “political rights” and “civil liberties.”

Ethical Traveler also said that the Andean nation stood out for its wide range of natural wonders, specifically highlighting the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve for its “focus on sustainability through programs aimed at forest and endangered species conservation” and for helping locals transition from dependence on logging to tourism.

Also high on its reasons to visit Chile was the “mythical Easter Island,” or Rapa Nui.

“See the mysterious statues, or Moai, sprinkled throughout the island, tour the volcanoes, beaches and petroglyphs and get to know the unique culture of one of the most remote islands on earth,” says Ethical Traveler.

The awe-inspiring El Tatio geyser field — perched high above San Pedro de Atacama at 4,320 meters above sea level — the lunar-like Atacama Desert and, of course, the incomparable Torres del Paine National Park were all listed as places of unique natural beauty to visit while in Chile.

To see Ethical Travelers full report, click here. Congratulations to the nine countries which made the list alongside Chile!