Chile and Latin America stand out as investment destinations in 2010

The Chilean economy will also be one of the ones to lose the least amount of investment during the first half of the year.

Chile best destination for investment
According to Santander GBM, Latin America stands out as the best destination for investments in 2010

According to a poll by Santander GBM of over 10 investors that was published in El Mercurio, Latin America stands out as the best destination for investments in 2010, with 25% of preferences.

Within the continent, Chile is ranked third in terms of exposure to new investments, after Brazil and Mexico. In fact, 46% of those polled affirmed that their interest in the
Chilean economy would grow this year, thanks to the potential and guarantees it offers, in addition to the facilities that diverse institutions provide.

Regarding financial instruments, the study states that the most profitable ones in the region will be stocks, with 43% of preferences, followed by local instruments (14.1%), private stock (13%) and derivative instruments (10.4%).

Chile also stands out as one of the countries least mentioned in the context of withdrawing investments during the first half of the year, an area where Venezuela and Argentina lead preferences.

In another acknowledgement, Chile ranked as the 10th most open economy in the 2010 Economic Freedom Index published by the Heritage foundation and The Wall Street Journal.