Chile applies for World Travel Awards, the “Oscar Awards” of global tourism

Chile is nominated in nine categories for the World Travel Awards, annual celebration that awards the best in tourism industry.

Apoyemos a #Chile

This year, different categories of national tourism will participate in the World Travel Awards. It is an annual ceremony in which thousands of jurors, composed of experts and ordinary people from all over the world, will vote the best travel destinations. These awards highlight the excellence of all tourism branches since 1993 and are a consolidated brand which celebrates its 22nd anniversary this year. The winners acquire prestige that makes them an example for the other applicants, motivating them to rise their quality standards.

The nominations are divided into different levels, from national and regional awards, to global ones, which encompass several sectors, products, and services. In this version, Chile is nominated in nine categories, including Leading Adventure Tourism Destination, Leading Beach Destination (Viña del Mar), Leading Culinary Destination, Leading Cultural Destination, among others. In addition, Santiago and Easter Island are nominated as World’s Leading Destinations.

In its 2014 version, more than 650,000 votes were cast from tourism professionals and ordinary people who are travel enthusiast. In the said version, some of the biggest winners were Abu Dhabi as Leading Sports Tourism Destination, Ecuador as Leading Green Destination, and Dubai as World’s Leading Destination, which were announced in different local ceremonies that ended in a grand finale gala by the end of the year.

The process is carried out through online voting opened all year. Countries devise campaigns and strategies to become one of the leaders. Then, cast votes are counted, with professional people votes counting as double, and then they are added up to the global audience votes. You can vote in