Chile becomes epicenter of international contemporary dance

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Cirque Éloize and Dayton Contemporary Dance Company will be presenting shows in the city.


World-renowned international contemporary dance companies will soon be hosted in the traditional dance studios and new multipurpose performance spaces throughout Santiago.

The shows in Santiago will “combine dance with theater, various genres of music, visual arts, architecture and even stunt performances», says Chilean daily El Mercurio.

Performance spaces in Santiago, old and new

The Municipal Theatre of Santiago is the most traditional performing arts space in Chile’s capital, and will host Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, a company know for its «combination of jazz, theater, modern dance and classical technique.

The renovation of the 60-year-old Nescafé Arts Theatre in 2009 rejuvenated the space with better lighting, sound, and a thousand comfortable red velvet chairs, bringing the theater back to the fore of Santiago’s performance spaces.

The Las Condes Municipal Theatre, on the other hand, is one of Santiago’s most modern spaces. Opened in August 2010, it has 800 seats, none more than 25 feet from the stage, and state-of-the-art sound system technology.

Inaugurated for the national bicentennial in September 2010, the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center lies adjacent to the cosmopolitan Lastarria neighborhood and is home to two theaters, a recording studio, and other arts spaces.

Dance acts on show

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, founded in 1977, will perform at the Municipal Theatre of Santiago, returning to Chile for the first time in nine years to perform a piece choreographed by Nacho Duato, Alejandro Cerrudo and Aszure Barton. Performances will take place between Wednesday March 30 and Saturday April 2 with ticket prices ranging from approximately US$6.

The Dayton Contemporary Dance Company will perform at the Las Condes Municipal Theatre from April 7. This African American dance company addresses the issue of slavery, with an “unusual commitment to creative, physical and spiritual freedom … to sweep away all forms of oppression.» Tickets range from US$30.

At the Las Condes Municipal Theatre, French-Canadian troupe Cirque Eloize will perform Rain, described as «a modern vaudeville that revolutionized the circus arts using typical elements of theater, acrobatics, contortion, balance and dance, where the water has a special meaning.» Performances take place between 31 March and 10 April, with tickets priced starting at about US$80.

Loop 3, choreographed by Chile’s Jose Luis Vidal, will be performed at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center after a successful run at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre at The Place in London. A sustained performance of a mass of bodies moving and metamorphosing, Loop 3 is a work inspired by Renaissance paintings and contemporary photography. The show will last until April 17 and tickets cost around US$10