Chile boosts infrastructure and incentives for electric cars

It was the first country in Latin America to launch an electric charging station and now Chile has unveiled new measures to make it even easier to be an environmentally friendly motorist.


Motorists in Chile’s capital city have received further incentive to go green with the inauguration of a new public recharging point and a series of special offers for owners of electric cars.

Located at the corporate headquarters of major power company Grupo Enersis, the electric charging station is the first of its kind in downtown Santiago and the second in Chile’s Metropolitan Region.

Aimed at promoting electric vehicles for public and private use, the charging facility was established as part of an agreement between Chile’s Environment Ministry and Chilectra, a Grupo Enersis subsidiary .

Known as the Zero Emissions Mobility Program, the plan includes incentive packages, a public education campaign and courses on the use of electric cars.

“This activity is very important for the development of electric motoring because we want to be leaders in this area in Latin America, and we are convinced that this is a solution that will help to improve air quality,” said Environment Minister María Ignacia Benítez.

“We will therefore continue working to find more suitable incentives to make this kind of technology more accessible.”

Chilectra also used the event to unveil a “Welcome Pack” with a series of tips and special offers, which will be given to everyone who purchases an electric car.

As part of the deal, all electric car users will receive three free recharges at the Petrobras charging station in the upscale Vitacura district. The center opened in April 2011, making it the first in Latin America.

Owners of the environmentally friendly cars will also receive a free analysis of the power circuits in their homes to determine whether they are capable of carrying the high charges required by electric cars.

Chilectra announced that it will offer 621 miles (1,000km) worth of free home recharges and flexible electricity rates to customers who drive electric vehicles. There will also be incentives to recharge electric cars in off-peak times, such as overnight.

The new charging station is located at Santa Rosa 76 in central Santiago, while the city’s original charging point can be found on Américo Vespucio in Vitacura.