Chile celebrates another edition of the Cultural Heritage Day on May 29th

There are nearly 500 activities organized by the CMN (National Monuments Council) throughout Chile, this year especially focused on the civic aspect of the date.

Día del Patrimonio Nacional
Día del Patrimonio Nacional

The Cultural Heritage Day is a festive and reflective civil encounter, focused on the different dimensions of our cultural legacy. This event is celebrated every last Sunday of May since the year 2000, with the purpose of having a reflexive day around the role, value and meaning of our cultural heritage.

One of the most important features of this annual celebration is the opening of places that do not grant free access throughout the year, as it’s the case (In Santiago) of La Moneda, the Manuel Foster Observatory at Cerro Blanco, the Intendencia Metropolitana, Teatro Municipal, Tesorería General de la República, El Club de la Unión, etc.

This national holiday has managed to clarify the relation between heritage and citizens, creating a conscious response from the users regarding the importance of our cultural, architectural and historical legacy and how these affect our lives. This is why this year the CMN wants us to turn our eyes to popular memory, resignifying the life in the neighborhood.

On May 29th, people will have a chance to see, walk and feel the places that have defined our national history, bringing a unique opportunity to be part of our country’s heritage. For more information about the different activities that will be held on every Region around Chile, visit the Cultural Heritage Day Official Webpage here.