Chile Celebrates the Second Version of Astronomy Day

Different activities will take place to commemorate the celebration on March 20th and 21st.

Observatorio ALMA

This friday March 20th and saturday March 21st the Astronomy Day will be celebrated in Chile. More than 20 institutions, like Universidad de Santiago de Chile’s Fundación PLANETARIO, Explora CONICYT Program and the Sociedad Chilena de Astronomía SOCHIAS, will take part in the celebration.

Lectures, video conferences and different types of activities will take place all over the country to celebrate. For example, the Universidad de Santiago Planetary conducted a video conference that was broadcasted to all the world through the site at 9 am (GMT -3) today. This activity had the participation of Exact Sciences National Award and Astrophysics Center CATA Director, María Teresa Ruiz, and ALMA Observatory Director, Pierre Cox. In addition, the activities in regions had today, for instance, the lecture “Extraterrestrial Life” by Dr. Christian Nitschelm in Aula Magna of Universidad de Tarapacá today at 10 am (GMT -3), in Arica and Parinacota region, and the conference “How Stars are born?” by Dr. Marcelo Mora Genskowsky in Valdivia today at 11:20 (GMT -3). Other activities will take place tomorrow.

People are expected to participate and share their experiences while looking at Chile’s skies on March 21st while using the hashtag #CHILEmiratucielo on social media. One way of participating actively in this celebration is by downloading a printable planisphere in the USACH Planetary website (in Spanish), which is a guide to observe the celestial bodies in the sky.

It is also worth mentioning that, related to the celebration of the Astronomy Day, the ALMA Observatory is soon to be opening its doors to general public on March 29. In the tours, people can get to know more about the astronomer’s work and how a day of the workers there is like. The visits will be on saturdays and sunday mornings upon registration on their website Visitas Públicas a ALMA.

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