Chile chosen as one of the best honeymoon destinations

The North American publishing house Fodor’s Travel posted the list a couple of weeks ago. In this list, Chile stands out together with countries like Italy, Turkey and Zimbabwe

Viña William Fevre - Cajón del Maipo

Every year, the New York-based publishing house makes a list with the best honeymoon destinations. Chile and its winegrowing regions won a spot in 2015’s list, in which the traditional del Maipo and Colchagua Valleys stand out, together with the promising sector of Millahue, located in the northern slope of Apalta Valley.

The del Maipo Valley is known for being the place where the Carmenere grapevine was rediscovered in 1994, 134 years after being thought extinct due to the phylloxera plague, which affected its originary zone in France. Since then, the Carmenere variety has become the sector and Chile’s famous grapevine. Fodor’s Travel stresses the valley’s proximity to Santiago, which makes it an ideal destination for a day trip, and for enjoying the horse rides and wine tasting the different vineyards of the sector offer. These make the valley a perfect place to visit for newlyweds. Besides this acknowledgment, the North American newspaper USA Today chose del Maipo Valley as one of the best winegrowing regions to visit last year.

Fodor’s Travel also recommends the Colchagua sector, located approximately 3 hours away from Santiago. Colchagua is known as a producer of internationally renowned Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc.

In the same sector, but a bit farther to the south, there is Millahue, also recommended by the guide. This is a wine producing area that has opened its path into the market little by little. In addition to the dream landscapes, Fodor’s Travel also notes the modern Viña Vik hotel complex, which counts with a spa that offers vinotherapy.
Besides these local destinations, Fodor’s Travel also includes international ones like Phuket in Thailand, Bodrum in Turkey, Nicaragua in Central America, and Zimbabwe in Africa.