Chile consolidates itself as a destination for student exchanges

They choose the country for security reasons, the good climate and the chance to learn Spanish.

Student exchanges destination

Over the last few years there has been an exponential increase in the number of young people from all over the world who choose Chile as a destination to engage in study exchanges and to continue with their secondary education.

According to the newspaper La Tercera, there are currently about 250 international students in the country, compared to the 150 in 2004, “attracted by the chance to learn Spanish in a place with a good climate and which is safe.”

Based on information from operators, the Chilean daily reported that over half of the students come from places as diverse as Hungary, Rumania, Austria, China, Lithuania, Russia or Estonia.

Visitors have gradually chosen to move away from the major urban centers “not just for security and the shorter travel distances, but also because there they can experience local culture close up,” the publication states.

As an example of this, Santa Cruz has been one of the favorite places for teenagers. It is located 190 kilometers south of the capital, Santiago, and its Mediterranean climate is appropriate for agricultural development, mainly vineyards.

Puerto Varas, the city of roses and volcanoes, has shared this privilege. It was founded by German colonists 1,000 kilometers south of the capital on the shore of the imposing Lake Llanquihue with countless natural tourist attractions nearby.

Despite the fact that these corners so far from the noise and the cement do not always offer the same comforts as in the metropolis, the newspaper highlights that the majority of young people appreciate the cordiality and tend to return with their families or friends.

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