Chile Day: A time to put Chile’s economy on the map for foreign investment

The event seeks to promote Chile as a stable and open territory for foreign investment, and it will hold its ninth version in London this month.

Chile Day is an annual activity that promotes Chile abroad as an attractive nation in economic terms, highlighting attributes like its stability to sustain foreign investment and being a good business platform in Latin America. This year, just as in the last versions, London has been selected as the city to host this activity and receive a large delegation which combines participants from both private and public sectors.

This is one of the main features of the international encounter, since it proposes a moment of organized collaboration thanks to the sponsorship of local institutions and the support of the British Embassy. This collective work also allows the projection of a common image of Chile to the world, reinforcing its concern for growth in both economic sectors.

The event gathers investors, public figures and opinion leaders, and in 2015 it received an overwhelming attendance of 300 businessmen. Therefore, it has consolidated itself as a fundamental occasion to promote our country abroad.

During this ninth version, Chile Day will focus the discussion on growth and productivity, and announcements regarding the General Banking Law are expected after it was anticipated in the 2014 version of the event. This will allow Chile to reach international standards on this matter. Some other topics to be discussed will be infrastructure opportunities that our country offers or perspectives on the Chilean capital market.

Source: InBest