Chile Day in London: new frontiers for investment.

On September 7th and 8th, a new version of Chile Day in London was held in Europe, the purpose of this event is to promote our country as a reliable destination for investment.


More than 200 representatives of the financial sector, both private and public, were gathered in Chile Day, an opportuniy to collaborate with foreign economies and where our country seeks to position itself as a successful destination for foreign investment. The main leading groups of the activity in England were ProChile and the Committee of Foreign Investment (CIE), who have defined Chile as a “reliable country with a very good supply”. The fields of energy, mining and infrastructure are the main areas seeking to improve in terms of foreign investment.

Cristián López, Commercial Attache of ProChile London, said that the event “has helped the promotion of Chilean capital market and has consolidated an excellent relationship between our country’s financial industry and the British”. The idea is to renew the economic link that Chile has always had with England, who is renewing its interests in Latin America.

Vicente Mira, the Chief of Investment Attraction of CIEChile, explained that among foreign investors there is a long term overview: “is not only Chile who faces an adverse scenario, but also neighbouring countries such as Peru, Brazil and Colombia. The numbers are there, the Brazilian market has a very powerful contraction in its economy, the Peruvian market deals with the decline in commodity prices. And Chile was the second country in South America to receive direct foreign investment and 11th in the world rank”.

In this way, Chile is expected to increase its foreign investment in the following years, nurturing our country’s economy, and promoting our products to the foreign market, projecting to Chile as a viable and safe ally in terms of economic and financial agreements.

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