Chile Digital hosts major tech conference in Santiago

Industry leaders from around the capital gathered in the Chilean capital to discuss the ever changing and growing world of internet based business.


Last month the best and brightest from the booming world of internet-based industry arrived in Santiago for Congreso Latinoamericano Chile Digital’s technology conference, the largest of its kind in the country.

The conference, held at the impressive Espacio Riesco, was attended by over 1,000 businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and those interested in the field.

Those in attendance included digital advertising company ADAP.TV, mobile network Adfonic, airline giant American Airlines, Inc., media specialists from BBC Advertising, leading global provider of cloud content services Brightcove Inc., Chilean online marketing agency E-Andes, and many more.

The industry leaders, in addition to sharing information through expositions, hosted lectures focusing on digital marketing, with more than 30 events offered for attendees throughout the conference.

Also among the long list of notable guests was author of bestseller “Socialnomics,” Erik Qualman.

“If we listen, if we interact, if we react, then our selling will be done by our customers,” Qualman said while speaking at the conference.

He added that in a digital world, companies can gain from being adaptable and should take note of mistakes while moving forward.

“With any company, social media blunders are bound to happen. These failures should be an opportunity to show that the company is flexible and agile by responding quickly and directly,” Qualman said. “We need to fail forward, and we need to fail better.”

The Chilean capital was an ideal setting for this major tech conference, as the country continues to grow and develop at an impressive rate, with online industry leading the charge. Furthermore, digital marketing is by far the best way to reach Chileans, for whom social networking accounts for one of every four minutes spent on the Internet.

The importance of e-business is likely to continue to expand in the Andean nation. The government has taken a special interest in increasing the connectivity of its people, bringing in over a thousand new wireless Internet hotspots across the country to ensure Chileans can access every benefit the Internet offers today’s digital world. If everything goes according to plan, Chile will double its Internet penetration by 2020.