Chile hailed as regional technology leader for Lat Am

The World Economic Forum ranks Chile as best in the continent in its annual Global Information Technology Report.

Chile is continuing to earn praise as a regional leader for technology following a new report citing the country as the top in Latin America for networked readiness. Photo via Santiago Saints

Already cementing its reputation for innovation and as a top business destination, Chile can now add regional leader for technology and global information to its ever-growing list of accolades.

Chile came out on top in this year’s Global Information Technology Report — a comprehensive assessment of “networked readiness.” In other words, how prepared an economy is to apply the benefits of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to promote economic growth and well-being.

Published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the report highlighted the impressive strides Chile is making toward greater technological capacity, ranking the Andean nation as number 36 out of 148 countries assessed across the planet.

All countries were assessed in the categories of environment, readiness, usage and impact, with an eye to how the internet is provided and used.

The WEF described the pace of growth of ICT infrastructure in Chile as “relentless,”with access being one of the Andean nation’s strongest suits.  The report called on Chilean companies to further push innovation to ensure the transition to a knowledge-based economy and help secure the nation’s economic future.

The 2014 report once again crowned Finland as the best overall — a positions it has held for the past five years. Other success stories from this year’s report include the United Arab Emirates in 24th place, Kazakhstan (38) and Panama (43) — all of which shot up in the table after strengthening their focus on technology and  development.

Chile’s position as a regional technology leader was supported by the Web Index, a study created by the World Wide Web Foundation to assess the role of the internet in development and human rights issues. The global report second the WEF’s assessment, ranking Chile as the best in Latin America.

The Andean nation has been well praised in recent years for being at the head of global trends and encouraging technological development and innovation across the board.  Start-Up Chile, in particular, has gained particular praise for its innovative work to encourage entrepreneurs from around their world to build their business in Chile. One of many success stories to emerge from the accelerator program is Epiclist, an app which provides insightful travel information to the world’s jetsetters and backpackers. The latest version was tested by the founders deep in Chilean Patagonia to outstanding results.

Meanwhile, other private initiatives including workshops, conferences, venture capital and mentoring, have helped build the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This new addition of human capital has helped spark a push for new technology developments both by Chile and those who have decided to make Chile their home, bringing advantages for not only locals but the wider world population, too.