Chile has implemented a modern ticket sales system

With this new system, people wishing to attend concerts and mass events can purchase their entrance ticket from the comfort of their home. Chile is the first country in Latin America that has this technology available.


The announcement of Beyoncé’s first recital in Chile, scheduled for next 14th. February at Movistar Arena, not only served to delight the U.S. singer’s fans in the country, but it was also the occasion chosen by Ticket Pro to communicate their decision to establish themselves in the country.

The Ticket Pro system will allow the Chilean public to enjoy the benefits offered by a world-leading company in the field of ticket sales. These include the possibility of purchasing tickets from home through the E-Ticket system as well as having them posted to their cell phones via M-Tickets, after which all they need to do is present them at the entrance gate on the day of the event.

In addition, and to make things even easier for users, it offers many different forms of payment, through the Internetvia Webpay (Visa, Mastercard, Magna, Diners and American Express), Presto, bank transfer and at Blockbuster sites, plus payments in cash, via Red Compra and cards from the Falabella and Ripley department stores.

Another of the great advantages offered by Ticket Pro is the rapid validation of tickets at the access points. This is done through speed-reading bar codes that become unusable once scanned and, unlike paper tickets, they are practically impossible to forge because they have built-in security systems.

The company has penetrated the Chilean market with great success. Chile is now the only country in Latin America providing this service, and Ticket Pro is already offering on its web site tickets for Beyoncé, the TrueRock Fest and for the presentation of the Finnish Folk Metal band Korpiklaani, which will be bringing its «Vodka Revolution» tour to Chile.

Chile has an extensive musical and artistic experience, so the system is bound to have a strong impact among music fans. The country has also become one of the preferred destinations of great artists and international groups. In the past years, bands such as Metallica, Radiohead and Pearl Jam, as well as pop diva Madonna have performed at mass events before the welcoming and enthusiastic Chilean public.