Chile has the region’s best quality of life and business climate

The South American country has climbed six places on the Country Brand Index, ranking 34th out of 113 countries worldwide.


Chile has the best climate for doing business and the highest quality of life in Latin America, according to the latest Country Brand Index report, released by US consultancy, Future Brand.

The Andean nation also jumped ahead six places on the overall brand ranking, placing 34th  on the list of 113 nations from around the world.

The country with the top brand in Latin America was Costa Rica (24th worldwide), followed by Brazil (31st) and Argentina (32nd).

The study found that Canada had the top national image in the world with Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan and Australia making up the top five. Other nations in the top 10 included the USA, Sweden, Finland, France and Italy.

In the tourism category, Chile was ranked 22nd in the world and it came in at 29th place for value systems, a category which included attitudes towards the environment, tolerance, freedom of expression, political liberties and legal stability. It occupied the 35th position for cultural heritage.

The Country Brand Index is an annual report based on a survey of 3,500 leading opinion makers and frequent travelers, a series of focus groups withbinternational experts in tourism, business and public policy and online crowd sourcing.

Executive director of Fundación Imagen de Chile, Blas Tomic, said he was satisfied with the findings which confirmed the country’s high international standing.

“At a time when the world economy is experiencing so much turbulence, this country continues to be the best option for investing in the region, with qualified human resources and access to technology. There’s also a solid business environment and the laws are clear and widely upheld,” he said.

“And the recognition that Chile is the country with the best standard of living in the region – which includes domestic issues such as education and health – reaffirms that its reputation remains intact, despite the economic difficulties that come with the challenges of being a society that has reached a high level of maturity.”

And it’s not just FutureBrand that’s noticing the benefits of living, working and holidaying in Chile. Last month the country wasranked 41st out of 183 countries in the IMF’s Doing Business 2012 report and Lonely Planet included the capital city, Santiago, among its top 10 urban destinations for 2012.