Chile holds successful conference in China on copper industry

Asia Copper Week in Shanghai brought leaders of the copper field together to exchange business ideas November 28-29. 

The first edition of Asia Copper Week concluded in Shanghai, China on November 29, 2012, marking the end of Chile’s first conference on the continent focused on the world copper industry.
Unprecedented in terms of scale and location, it was the first global event on the copper industry to be held in the region. Asia Copper Week was organized by the Centro de Estudios del Cobre (Center of Copper Studies of Chile) and the Shanghai Futures Exchange.
The event enjoyed the backing of major Chinese and Asian companies and was very well received by the global mining industry. The success of the 2012 edition has paved the way for it to continue annually, and become an important meeting point for the industry for years to come.
Asia Copper Week featured four official activities: the Asia Copper Conference, the China International Copper Fabricating and Recycling Forum, the CEO Summit, and the Asia Copper Dinner.
The Asia Copper Dinner was considered the highlight of event and attracted more than 1,200 attendees. The dinner was marked by speeches from prominent figures, including the President of Shanghai Futures Exchange Maijun Yang, the President of Cesco Patrick Cussen, the Vice Mayor of Shanghai Tu Guangshao, the Chilean Mining Minister Hernán de Solminihac, Minmetals president Zhou Zhongsh, Codelco CEO Thomas Keller and the Vice President of the China Development Bank Wang Yongsheng.
Another activity of Asia Copper Week, the CEO Summit, established a forum where Chilean and Chinese industry leaders could exchange views frankly, express concerns, and discuss future projects.
The success of the event highlighted the importance of creating opportunities for copper industry leaders to meet in settings that promote dialog and understanding. Given that Chile is the world’s leading copper producer and China is the world’s leading copper consumer, the two countries will continue to have much to discuss in the future.