Chile hosts global experts on Travel and Technology exchange

Experts from around the world travelled to Chile’s capital to share ideas for the ever-changing world of tourism.


Last month, leading experts from around the world gathered in Santiago for the country’s first Travel and Technology Exchange (TTX) Conference to share experiences and learn about the growing trends and changing dynamics in the industry.

“Our conference comes at a time of great opportunities to innovate and create solutions,” Eduardo Díaz, the General Director of Sabre Chile, the global travel technology company that hosted the exchange, said.

The event included lectures from industry leaders on the current tourism market as well as the impact of new technology on travel. Attendees were able to participate in interactive demonstrations of the new and developing devices and technologies that are propelling the industry forward.

In addition to the discussions on how to grow the industry and to take advantage of the latest technology, Sabre also used the TTX Conference to present it’s “Passport to Freedom” program. The initiative, launched in 2012, aims to combat human trafficking through the tourism industry worldwide. The program has three primary objectives: to educate, collaborate and advocate. It also works to support survivors of human trafficking, setting up scholarships and employment programs.

Tourism in Chile has been greatly expanding in recent years. Last summer the country welcomed over 1.2 million tourists between the months of January, February and March alone, many hailing from neighboring countries like Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia as well as from Europe, the United States and Australia. This impressive tourism statistic was a 14 percent jump from the summer 2011, an increase of about 150,000 visitors. Chile is fast becoming one of the top places to visit for many travellers year-round thanks to a wide variety of climates, cultures, and captivating destinations within the country’s borders. The Andean nation is home to many UNESCO world heritage sites like the eclectic port city of Valparaíso and the always intriguing Moai of Easter Island, as well as unique natural wonders like the Atacama Desert and the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine — recently named the 5th most beautiful place in the world by National Geographic.