Chile hosts research institute on neuroscience and education

For ten days in March, students and researchers from 32 countries will arrive in the northern desert for an intensive international conference on cognitive scientific research regarding language, reasoning and mathematics. 


From March 7 to 18, San Pedro de Atacama will host the first Latin American School for Education and Cognitive Science. The international conference is funded by the James McDonnel Foundation, created in 1950 to “improve quality of life” through the dissemination of research grants. The grant given for the School in San Pedro supports unique cognitive research efforts on topics pertaining directly to education.

Four international institutions have joined together to organize the event: the Universidad de Chile’s Center for Advanced Research in Education, the Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience at Universidad de Buenos Aires, the Brasilian Society for Neuroscience and Behavior, and the International Institute of Neuroscience of Natal, also in Brasil. The event is expected to attract students, researchers and professors from 32 countries around the world.

In the course of the event’s ten days, 30 highlighted researchers from major international institutions will offer lectures and workshops for a group of 50 selected international students currently at work on advanced research projects.

The 50 students chosen to participate in the program were selected from a group of 320 using an online application form.  The chosen group have in common a strong background in related research and solid English language abilities.

The School is designed to promote future research on the learning and development of language and writing, reasoning, and mathematics. In the course of its ten days, the School will present an intensive schedule for the participating professors and students alike, providing a solid basis for continued research in the field and for future iterations of the Latin American School for Education and Cognitive Science.