Chile inaugurates commercial office in Atlanta

The opening seeks to facilitate the work by Chilean businesspeople doing business in the state of Georgia, especially in nontraditional exports.


As part of an offensive to reactivate business in the international market, the Chilean Foreign Ministry’s department of export promotion, an institution better known as ProChile, has inaugurated a commercial office in the US city of Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia.

The city was chosen due to its strategic location and the increase in trade relations between the US city and Chile over recent years.

“Trade between Georgia and Chile has great potential and that is why we are here today to expand business in terms of the amounts and the diversification of what we can offer,” affirmed ProChile Director Alicia Frohmann.

The opening of the commercial office was very well received by the national businesspeople who do business in Atlanta. “Having a ProChile office in Atlanta is a great opportunity to introduce Chile’s other side: the one of nontraditional products, for which there is great demand,” affirmed Agrosuper commercial director Jaime Merino.

Specifically, the new facility will facilitate the work done by national businesspeople, supplying them with information and market intelligence, commercial ties, and promoting their export products, among other things.

With the opening of this office, Chile now has six commercial offices in the United States, located in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and now Atlanta. The United States is currently the fifth-largest market receiving direct Chilean investment, with US$ 3.574 billion, or 7% of the total.

The project is of vital importance to the Chilean economy, considered one of the most developed in Latin America, in its goal to achieve development, which experts predict could be reached between 2018 and 2020.

So far the successful formula has been based on economic liberalization and the signing of Free Trade Agreements with Europe, the United States and China, among others. In addition, on the 15th of this month the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is expected to ratify Chile’s admission into the so-called club of rich countries.