Chile is among 15 countries that best withstand the economic crisis

In the second global competitiveness ranking carried out by the International Institute for Management Development, Chile advanced to the position of 25 behind only the US and Canada in America.


Chile was ranked 15th among countries that best withstood the world economic crisis according to a study by the international Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland.

The country ranked 9th in Business, 13th in Society, 14th in Government, and 24th in Economic Environment.  The result of these rankings was that Chile was the highest ranked country in Latin America.

Denmark received the top overall ranking, followed by Singapore, Qatar, Norway, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Finland, and Malaysia.  Among the other North and South American countries: Canada (16th), Brazil (22nd), the US (28th), Peru (31st), Colombia (28th), and Mexico (30th).

The G-8 countries ranked noticeably lower: Germany (24th), Japan (26th), UK (36th), France (44th), Italy (47th), and Russia (51st).

The same study cited Chile as the 25th most competitive economy in the world in 2009, a higher ranking than the year before.  The US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, and Denmark led the rankings in that order.

Among other countries in North and South America, Canada was 8th, Peru fell two places to 37th, Brazil improved to 40th, and Mexico improved to 46th.