Chile is closer to having 3D television

You will need a special television for this technology, as well as 3D glasses and a dark room to experience the three-dimensional effect.

Chile is only a step away from having television in three dimensions

Though many people thought it was something far away, Chile is only a step away from having television in three dimensions. The company VTR has already begun a “dry run” for this type of broadcast, which means that it is engaged in tests to be able to broadcast three-dimensional contents.

For its part, the company DirecTV has also joined in this project and has reported that it is engaged in 3D television experiments, though more discreetly as they are doing them in their offices, while VTR made channel 946 of its Video on Demand (VOD) network available for tests.

But for the time being, Chileans can prepare for the new 3D format, as they will need special glasses that cost between US$ 70 and US$ 140. In addition, having a television designed for this technology will be indispensable.

Though such devices have not yet arrived in Chile, the first television sets with 3D, which cost between US$ 2,500 and US$ 5,000 in the United States, are expected to go on sale soon.

As far as the companies bringing 3D technology to the country are concerned, they will have to fulfill certain requirements like having a special platform, a decoder, and very significant broadband capacities.

Despite the fact that no specific date has been set for the launch of three-dimensional TV in Chile, the games of the 2010 South Africa World Cup are expected to be broadcast in this format, as it will be filmed using special cameras for watching them in 3D.