Chile is ranked among the five best developing countries in terms of student achievement

The research study considers life expectancy, health quality, course failure, reading ratings of women and children attendance in schools.


In the study, “Student Achievement for Developing Countries – 2009”, realized by the international Save The Children organization; Chile was ranked fourth among 100 under developed countries

Cuba, Armenia and Chipre precede Chile in this ranking that measures which countries better prepare children for education. .It considers several factors such as health, academic success, and parental care of children under 5 years old.

In its report, the organization highlights that “in these countries, most of the children successfully pass examinations during first and second grade and then they continue doing well during their entire primary education”.

Save The Children emphasizes that the majority of women in these countries are educated and have only one or two children, hence the child care is better. Life expectancy is also higher in these countries, which indicates that most of the families are able to give their children proper nutrition, health and that there is a good care for pregnant women.

The analysis is based on varied indicators that, according to the organization, predict primary school success. Life expectancy, health quality for mothers, babies and kids, course failure rates, reading rates for women, birth rate and number of children who should be studying and who are actually at school.

The organization also carried out the mother’ state ranking where Chile ranked 19 among 125 countries. This ranking is headed by Sweden.