Chile is the Latin American leader in the use of social networks

Chileans’ high levels of sociability and the widespread Internet access that the country’s inhabitants enjoy explain the intense use of social networks like Twitter or Facebook, among others.

Chileans tend to seek entertainment and games on the web, in addition to being assiduous visitors to financial and news websites

Nine out of every 10 Chileans tend to connect to or make use of social networks like Facebook or Twitter, a number that ranks the country’s cybernauts 10% above the regional average and 2% more than in North America, the part of the continent with the most connections.

This was revealed in a survey by the consulting firm ComScore, which also highlighted that one of the keys to this widespread use of social networks has to do with the ample access that Chileans have to the Internet: 7 million inhabitants of the South American country can access the web from home or work. They spend a total of 12 days a year connected, equivalent to almost 24 hours a month or 48 minutes per day.

Likewise, the investigation reveals that Latin characteristics like the high sociability that is represented in the Chilean personality make such people more inclined toward the internet social networks as they impregnate the web with that style of navigation.

Chileans’ mobility also contributes to this scenario. Many users live or have friends or relatives in other municipalities, regions, or countries, meaning that social networks are the ideal place to meet or to share information.

Thus, it is no wonder that Facebook, Fotolog and Windows Profile have positioned themselves as the platforms with the most users in Chile. Badoo comes in further behind and while it has fewer preferences, its followers spend 124 minutes per month on it, second only to Facebook’s 275 minutes.

One of Chileans’ preferred activities is to share photographs, led only by Venezuela in Latin America.

The survey also revealed that Chileans tend to seek entertainment and games on the web, in addition to being assiduous visitors to financial and news websites, a characteristic in which they show similar traits to developed nations.

Chile: fourth in the world in use of Facebook

The study by ComScore agrees with another recent publication by Bitelia, which presented an interactive map developed by the newspaper The Guardian and showing the community’s penetration in diverse countries around the world.

In terms of the number of Facebook users, the United States tops the list, followed by England, Indonesia, Turkey and France.

However, when looked at in terms of percentages and as a proportion of the inhabitants in each country, the nations with the highest penetration are China (48%), Canada (45%), England (42%), the United States (40%) and Chile (40%).


Chile’s leadership in social networking also extends to the area of e-business. According to a study by AméricaEconomía Intelligence, Chile and Brazil stand out for the good conditions they offer cybernauts for making Internet purchases.

In 2009 5.9% of the region’s inhabitants made Internet purchases. Chile surpassed that percentage, with 7.02% of its inhabitants (1.2 million) making such transactions, while Brazil ranked first with 9.73%.


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