Chile is world’s third best destination to invest in mining

The U.S. consultancy placed Chile behind Australia and Canada in a list of 25 countries.

Chile maintained its position as the third best destination for mining investments in 2012, according to a ranking of 25 top countries for mining by U.S. consulting firm Behre Dolbear.
The study ranked the countries from 1 to 10 on seven variables: political and economic systems, social, tax and bureaucratic systems, levels of corruption, and currency stability.
With a total of 51 points, Chile was only surpassed by Australia (57) and Canada (52), the same leading three in the ranking as last year.
Other countries that maintained their 2011 positions were Brazil (45), Mexico (43), the U.S. (41), Colombia (39), Botswana (37), Peru (36) and Ghana (36).
Following them were Namibia, Mongolia, Tanzania, Argentina, India, the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Zambia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Papua New Guinea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bolivia and Russia.
The study followed the news released in March 2012 that the Chilean mining sector’s projected investments for the eight years leading up to 2020 hit a record high of US$91.5 billion in the last six months of 2011.
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