Chile lauded for social media development, information technology

The Information Society Indicator ranked Latin America, the European
Union and the United States on social network use and online shopping.

Chile maintained its role as a tech leader among Latin American countries, in the most recent study by Everis Chile measuring “the information society.”

Everis Chile, along with the IESE Business School at the Universidad de Navarra, authors the tri-annual Information Society Indicator report (ISI: Indicador de la Sociedad de la Información), which assesses the status of information technologies in Latin America, the European Union and the United States.

In the third trimester of 2011, Chile improved its score 4.2 percent compared to the same period last year. Chile’s score of 5.85 also marked the first time a Latin American country ranked better than a European one, edging out Portugal’s 5.52.

“Chile consolidated its progess in the information society due to technical factors as well as social ones, like its leadership among social network use and a sustained level of low unemployment over the past two years,” said Patricia García, the general manager of Everis Chile.

According to the most recent report (available here, in Spanish), social network use in Chile grew 26.5 percent in the third trimester, reaching 480 users per 1,000 people. Of all the countries included in the study, only the United States registered a higher percentage of users per person, at 485.

The South American powerhouse also received high marks for online shopping – leading the regional numbers at US$169 per capita – and Information Society Environment (ESI: Entorno de la Sociedad de la Información). In this latter category, Chile’s score of 6.63 points is due largely to its stable institutions and the dynamic national economy, according to the report’s authors.