Chile launches first Latin American ‘green rankings’ for housing

Minister of Energy announces new energy efficiency certification system for housing in Chile at the inauguration of the Energy Efficiency Expo 2010 in Santiago, the first of its kind in Chile and itself fully carbon-neutral.


Chile will have Latin America’s first certification system for energy efficient housing in an initiative launched by the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning (Minvu) on Nov. 19.

The Minister of Energy, Ricardo Raineri, and the Deputy Minister [Subsecretario] of Housing and Urban Planning, Andrés Iacobelli, presented the new system at the Energy Efficiency Expo 2010, the first of its kind in Chile, held at the restored Mapocho Station in Santiago.

The program aims to increase green housing in Chile by creating an official grading system to rate buildings on their level of energy efficiency. Buildings will be rated from A to G, with A the most energy efficient, mimicking the system already in use in Chile on electrical goods such as refrigerators.

Although the system will be voluntary, with homeowners and developers applying to Minvu for certification for their properties, it is expected that demand from renters and buyers seeking energy efficiency and the consequent cost savings will encourage its use.

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