Chile leads Latin American ranking of online buyers

Chileans spent an average of US$ 107 on Internet purchases during the first quarter of 2010, a 48.5% increase compared to the same period the year before.


Thousands of people around Chile no longer use the Internet to browse, but also to make purchases from the comfort of their own homes or offices. In this context, and according to the Information Society Indicator (ISI) that the consulting firm Everis has published, Chileans lead the pack in Latin America, as they are the ones to spend the most on online purchases.

Thus, it was revealed that retail sales totaled US$ 107 per Chilean inhabitant during the first quarter of 2010. This number represents a 48.6% increase compared to the previous year.

In addition, Chileans have confirmed that the country’s economy is recovering, as they also top the list in per capita spending on information technologies, with US$ 442.

With regard to the other countries considered in the ranking, Brazil comes in second place with US$ 49, followed by Argentina with US$ 39, Mexico US$ 14, Peru US$ 14 and Colombia, with US$ 12.

As far as the total number of Internet users is concerned, Colombia leads the regional ranking with 445 users per 1,000 inhabitants, followed by Brazil with 357 and Chile, which comes in third with 343 users.

One of the reasons why Chile comes in first place in the majority of categories is due to the number of computers in the country. According to the studies, there are 370 computers for every 1,000 inhabitants. Brazil comes next on this list with 262, followed by Argentina’s 258, Mexico with 209, Peru 131 and Colombia with just 116. Chile also leads in terms of broadband penetration.