Chile looks to promote corporate tourism

The country is holding an exposition that will promote corporate tourism in its most scenic cities.

Taking your business team on a special training abroad may seem like a thing of the past as businesses try to rein in spending, but Chile’s banking on it. The slender nation seeks to develop its corporate tourism and the government is kicking off a brand awareness campaign with promotional expo called “Ambassadors”. Groups of interest include medical societies, universities, and businesses connected with the major industries in the country such as copper mining and salmon farming.
The country hopes to increase the number of delegates that arrive to the country for international meetings as well as its tourist revenue.
Years of stable government and a steady economy have helped make Chile one of the safest countries in Latin America and its least corrupt. In a report by professional services firm Price Waterhouse Cooper, Chile was ranked the second most transparent country for doing business in the world. The new initiative hopes to broaden awareness of Chile’s best business practices, and its highly marketable professionals.
Chile’s appealing economy is bolstered by natural beauty comparable to few other places in the world: the arid Atacama Desert to the north, the Mediterranean feel of its central valley, lush coniferous forests of the south, ice fields, glaciers, fjords, snow capped volcanoes and the omnipresent Andes mountain range that runs the length of the entire country.
Such diverse landscapes mean innumerable activities for company outings, including canopying, white water rafting, fishing, horseback riding, wine tasting and star gazing.
Chilean casino developer Enjoy has developed luxury casinos, hotels and expo centers throughout Chile with sites in the capital of Santiago, the fertile Colchagua wine valley, coastal Viña del Mar, Antofogasta to the north, Pucón to the south, and even on the mythical island of Chiloé. World class service and a standard of excellence make Enjoy the perfect place for businesses to host their next major corporate or social event.
This year’s “Ambassadors” expo is a message to the world Chile’s readiness to become a leader in business on a global scale.