Chile prepares the second-largest mining fair in the world: Expomin 2010

This great global mining encounter will include participation by Alvin Toffler. In addition, the First International Workshop on Recycling and the Recovery of Metals and Materials will be held.


Every two years Chile organizes the second-largest mining fair in the world: Expomin. There is good reason for this, considering that the country has led the copper market for 20 years, with 35% of world production, in addition to extracting significant quantities of other minerals like molybdenum, gold, lithium, iodine and nitrate derivatives.

With an 11-year history, the Expomin 2010 will be held between 12 and 16 April in the Espacio Riesco facility in Santiago. The mining fair has grown 60% since 1990, with over 1,200 suppliers from 35 countries who attract over 50,000 professional visits, allowing them to establish a broad network of technical and commercial contacts.

Carlos Parada, executive director of Expomin, affirmed that the fair is important “because of the significance ofChile being the largest copper producer in the world.» The executive also anticipated that US$ 1.3 billion in business deals would be made at the fair.

The Mining Management Summit Congresswill also be held during Expomin 2010, where the main issues affecting the global mining industry will be discussed. Diverse sector leaders will participate in this forum, where they will present the latest trends in issues like
management, risk management, investment projects, sustainable development and human resources, thus making a significant contribution to senior mining industry executives.

The people who will speak at the Congress, which will be held on Tuesday, 13 April, include Alvin Toffler, one of the most important management consultants in the world, in addition to Michael Elliot, in charge of the mining sector at Ernst & Young, and José Blanco, Banco Santander country manager for Australia and New Zealand.

Sustainability in mining

Another novelty at this fair will be the First International Workshop on Recycling and the Recovery of Metals and Materials, which will be held on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th. This event is focused on the need to treat, recycle, and reuse metals and materials from the mining industry, in addition to new environmental standards and regulations, thus commencing processes that produce additional profits on top of traditional ones.

Expomin is aimed at academics and researchers, technology centers and consulting firms in general, businesspeople, suppliers and professionals from the mining and metallurgical industries.