Chile presence in international press on the increase

A study of 15,000 news stories shows that Chile is growing as a topic of international news, thanks to Chile’s economy, people and institutions. 

What’s the perception of Chile in the global press? That’s the question that that Fundación Imagen de Chile sought to answer through a study of over 15,000 international news stories. And the results are in: Chile’s presence in the foreign press has grown significantly over the most recent quarter of 2012.
In order to better understand Chile’s international image, ChileMonitor analyzed thousands of stories written in English, Spanish, and French from 77 news outlets throughout America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. The analysis examined what subjects, characters, and institutions most frequently represent Chile on the international stage.
The study concluded that recognition of the Chilean film “No”’ at the Cannes Film Festival had a major impact on recent press coverage. Additionally, Chile’s economy has sparked attention for its growth and stability.
Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera was ranked the country’s most mentioned figure in international media. Another positive image constructor was Alexis Sánchez, the Chilean soccer star playing for Barcelona. Former President and UN Women Director Michelle Bachelet, student movement leader Camila Vallejo, Juventus soccer player Arturo Vidal and midfielder Jorge Valdívia have also been frequent figures in the international press.
According to Executive Director of Fundación Imagen de Chile, Blas Tomic, the study shows that Chile continues to be recognized for its stance on “peace and international security, the competence and honesty of its institutions, and its respect for human rights.”
Jennyfer Salvo, Director of Communications at the Fundación Imagen de Chile, has drawn a series of conclusions about Chile’s image over the course of their studies.
“What emerges from all this is that Chile is a country considered orderly, stable, compliant, and serious, and its citizens – its people – are seen as hard working, dutiful, and efficient,” Salvo told El Martutino.