Chile ranked #1 in Latin America in the Global Food Security Index

Chile was ranked #1 in all of Latin America by the Economist Intelligence Unit Global Food Security Index, falling in the same category as the United States, Denmark and Norway. 

The Global Food Security Index (GFSI), which evaluates the affordability and availability of food worldwide, gave Chile the highest ranking in Latin America. Chile is ranked 26th in the world, falling into the top category along with countries such as the United States, Denmark and Norway. The overall rankings were divided into four categories, with rankings in subcategories also determined.
Rankings were determined by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the world’s leading economic and business research resource, and sponsored by science research company DuPont.
Chile’s most salient successes within the rankings were in the areas of nutritional standards, for which Chile was awarded a maximum score of 100, and in the areas of food security (excellent) and percentage of the population falling below the poverty line (low). Areas with slightly lower scores were per capita gross domestic product and public spending on agricultural research and development.
Within the index focusing specifically on food affordability, Chile is ranked number 30 in the world, second only to Brazil in the Latin America region.
According to DuPont Chile, the aim of the study is to promote discussion, collaboration, better informed decisions and improved nutritional standards among major players in the national food industry with the goal of making Chile a more potent nutritional food provider for the world.
To determine report rankings, EIU created a scoring system within the categories of food affordability, availability and quality and safety. The categories were further subdivided into a series of indicators evaluating the programs, policies and practices affecting food security within each of the 105 nations evaluated.
This is not the first world-ranking Chile has topped in Latin America. Three weeks ago, Chile placed 19th on The Happy Planet Index. One week before that, Chile scored as the most peaceful country to live in Latin America.