Chile ranks 19th on Happy Planet Index 2012

Scenic views, good wine, and a stable economy are only a few of the things Chile has to offer the global community. 

Chile once again has international bragging rights.  The long and slender nation rose 18 places on The Happy Planet Index to sit comfortably in 19th place. Chile achieved this leap by obtaining an average life expectancy of 79.1 years and a comparatively high perception of well-being.  In effect, Chile scored higher than the world average in both the categories of Life Expectancy and Experienced Well-Being.
The Happy Planet Index (HPI) is an analysis run by the New Economics Foundation (NEF). NEF is an independent think tank that endeavors to put figures on real economic well-being. The HPI is unique because it is an original evaluation that shows the correlation between ecological efficiency and the well-being of people worldwide. The HPI demonstrates the effectiveness with which a country transforms the earth’s resources into long and happy lives for their populace.
In total, 151 countries were ranked and a variety of variables were considered in the research. The happiest countries, according to their research, are Costa Rica, Vietnam, and Colombia. Essentially, they provide data to prove that economic power is not the only driving force of happiness within borders. In fact, only four of the 40 top-ranking countries have a GDP of over US$15,000 per capita.
Other International Rankings
Not only did Chile rank high on the HPI, but the nation is the most peaceful in Latin America – according to the Global Peace Index 2012. Chile achieved a boost in its ranking by decreasing military spending and improving human rights within the country.
In 2009, Chileans reported feeling happier in general with their lives in a survey by Collect GfK. At that time, their happiness was largely attributed to Chile’s positive performance during the global economic crisis.