Chile reaffirms its position in defense of whales

The Chilean State once again expressed its disagreement with the capture of these marine mammals regardless of the purpose, as well as calling for an end to hunting.


The Chilean State issued an energetic response to media reports on the deliberations under way in the International Whaling Commission (IWC) with regard to the hunting of these mammals in international waters.

In a public statement the Foreign Ministryreiterated that “Chile is categorically opposed to commercial whale hunting and only favors their nonlethal use, such as for observational tourism. That is why it favors maintaining the moratorium on commercial hunting and respect for the established sanctuaries”.

According to the text, the current situation does not favor the conservation of whales, as the reigning system allows Japan to continue to hunt whales for scientific purposes, while Norway and Iceland can engage in reserved commercial captures.

The Foreign Ministry insisted that Chile “seeks an end” to all types of activities involving the capture of cetaceans, which are have been under legal protection in Chilean jurisdictional waters since 2008.

Lastly, the public statement recalls that alternate commissioner José Fernández represents Chile before the IWC and that he has “precise instructions” to present the aforementioned policy at the institution’s meeting in Morocco this week.